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Best performance for all users

"Outstanding imaging performance combined with the spectroscopic performance of convensional Raman microscopes." That's what our new-generation laser Raman microscope, RAMAN-11, brings to you. It features a new proprietary imaging mechanism that provides innovative Raman imaging instead of the traditional, time-consuming Raman mapping. The optical system, housed in a compact body, has been designed so as to automatize various operations. Software's design is so simple that it can be intuitively operated.


Major features of RAMAN-11

・ 350-nm spatial resolution close to the diffraction limit.
・ 1000-nm depth resolution provided by a confocal optical system.
・ Ultrafast imaging made possible by line illumination and beam scanning.
・ High wave number resolution by spectroscope with 500-mm focal length.
・  Outstanding usability by thorough automation.
・ Intuitive usability brought by the simple software.